Get your official Traditional Bowhunters of Texas (TBOT) gear! These speacial edition items have the TBOT logo imprinted into the leather. Choose your item below, or select the package deal that contains all three.

Pocket Quiver

Bottle Holder

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"KC, you create incredible leather products! I love my new awesome Traditions Leathercraft - TBoT gear and will wear them proudly!  Thanks so much for your support of TBoT!!  Look forward to seeing you at the Hill Country Shootout"
Roland Jenkins (TBoT Co-Founder)

Belt Buckle

TBOT Belt Buckles fit almost any belt up to 1-1/2" wide.
Roomy gear pocket plus a slot for a score card and pencil and large enough to carry 10-12 arrows with fieldtips. There is even an arrow seperator built in.  Made for right or left hand shooters from US tanned cowhide oiltan leather in various brown tones.
Deluxe Sidekick Hip Quiver
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This handcrafted shoulder bag is constructed with US tanned cowhide oiltan leathers in either a dark brown or a light brown or can even be made two-tone.  The bag measures 10" wide by 7" tall and has a 3" gusset allowing for more than enough room to carry all the essential gear for a days hike in the woods!  The shoulder strap is adjustable and measures 1-1/2" wide by 60" long plus there is an additional strap enclosed that allows for another 4-10" to be added.  In addition the straps may be removed and there is a sewn in belt loop on the back of the bag so it may be carried on a belt.
Hunters Shoulder Bag
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This latigo side stalking quiver combines the beauty of a traditional leather back quiver with the ease and convenience of a side quiver. This style quiver eliminates the motion of removing an arrow from a back quiver from behind the shoulder and over the head and puts the opening of the quiver by the users hand at rest by their hip. A lot of our customers have commented that they like this quiver because it allows for not only broadheads to be carried but Judo points or small game heads can also be used in it at the same time.

To prevent the arrows from rattling while stalking the woods most folks will carry this quiver next to their body under their elbow with their strong hand holding the bottom of the quiver next to themselves. To go under brush or a fence the quiver can be pulled around to in front and held against the torso. When stalking through heavy brush a simple pull of the shoulder strap moves the quiver into the small of the back making it possible to stalk through without the quiver or arrows from getting caught on limbs or branches.

I build these with 9-10 oz California latigo. The shoulder strap is 60" long and comes with a fullgrain cowhide lining on the inside of the strap with the suede side out to prevent the color or oils in the latigo from bleeding onto clothing. There is 10-12" of adjustments at the end of the shoulder strap and also 6" of adjustments on the right and left side of the quiver itself.

This hunting quiver can be converted from a right side carry to a left side very simply by moving the shoulder strap. Each quiver is built with a removable wooden bottom and comes with 2" thick open cell foam to make it safe to carry broadheads. The wooden bottom stays in the quiver but allows the user to tap it out to assist with changing the foam when/if necessary. Instructions are included
Latigo Side Stalking Quiver
The Latigo Side Stalking quiver can be fitted with a knife custom made using vintage Nicholson files. Handles will vary on which hard woods are used.
w/ Knife $165.00
The Latigo Side Stalking Quiver can also be outfitted with a pocket.

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w/ Pocket $149.99
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