Title:  Oklahoma Leatherman

Post:  The level headed one and fixer upper around the farm

Age:  You don't want to know

Random Fact:  You won't find him without a large glass of unsweetened ice tea near his side
Post:  Mommy, Prov. 31 wife, overseer, boss, chef, encouraging one, driver, goat caregiver, lotion wiz & beauty queen (she does it all...okay?)

Age:  Yes, she is the mom and not the sister

Random Fact:  Give her chocolate and nobody gets hurt
Title:  Big Brother

Post:  Free Spirit

Age:  Old enough to know better, still too young to care

Random Fact:  #computergeek  #cityboy
Title:  The Mastermind

Post:  Website designer, barista, master soap maker, designer & crazy lady

Age:  Definitely, the oldest daughter

Random Fact:  Serious coffee snob
Title:  The Boss (his words)

Post:  Mr. Fix It & goat milker

Age:  A whopping 17 (and knows it all)

Random Fact:  He is a sweetie at heart
Title:  The Charmer

Post:  Goat milker, farm labor & chief hug giver, drama queen whisperer and master salesman

Age:  Everyone's Baby

Random Fact:  Weapons Junkie
Title:  The Chatterbox

Post:  Goat milker & conversation starter

Age:  OMG she's finally a teenager

Random Fact:  Kreger house hold book nerd
Title:  The Lego Man

Post:  Water boy & the only organized one

Age:  An old man at heart

Random Fact:  He knows every detail about Star Wars
Title:  Miss Sassy Pants

Post:  Baby goat nanny (pun intended) & skilled hugger   

Age:  The sweetest girl you'll ever meet

Random Fact:  A baker in training
Title:  The President

Post:  Chief soap wrapper & our daily entertainment

Age:  Too big for his britches (don't tell him he's the youngest)

Random Fact:  His dream is to work at Walmart...or be President...aim high little one.