Okie-Bow Quiver
3 Small Game Heads
This new innovative strap on bow quiver is our latest quiver which carries 3 wood or carbon arrows on your longbow or recurve. This is the first 3 arrow quiver we producing which we are calling our Okie-Bow quiver. This model is built for carrying 3 small game heads making it the perfect choice for stumping or hunting small game!

We make this in our shop in Yukon, OK using the best components the industry offers. Utilizing our unique D-Bar bracket as well as Great Northern Quiver Co. rubber straps and Selway Archery grippers this unique strap on bow quiver is the lightest of its kind available! We build this with 3 magnetic discs mounted in a leather block.

When strapped to the top and lower limb of your bow it virtually eliminates hand shook and even dampens the vibration of the limbs when shot. Our unique mounting system produces a rock solid attachment to your bows limb.

The 3 compartments are made up with heavy 9-10 oz latgio leather and have a sewn in welt between each layer to protect the stitching from the broadheads cutting edge. Each quiver is double stitched with a decorative cross pattern using natural colored waxed artificial sinew.