Each pocket quiver is made to slide into the rear pocket on either the right or left hand side or can be snapped to a belt with the sturdy snap on the flap. The pocket is wide enough to hold at least 6 arrows with fieldtips making this a great option for an outing to the backyard or to the 3-D range.

The small tab on the front of this pocket quiver is a good place for initials to be stamped. If you would like this options message me before ordering and I'll be happy to do up to 3 initials at no extra charge!

If you would to have an upgrade to this classic arrow quiver but want more room to store that necessary gear check out my new 3-Pocket quiver!
Each pocket quiver is made to slide into the rear pocket on either the right or left hand side or can be snapped to a belt with the sturdy snap on the flap. The pocket is wide enough to hold at least 6 arrows with field tips making this a great option for an outing to the backyard or to the 3-D range.

Our 3-pocket quivers have the main pocket for arrows as well as a small pocket for a score card and pencil and a roomy pocket on the front which comes with a concho closure and latigo lace to keep your phone, shooting tab and other necessary items securely enclosed in. We offer several choices of concho closures. See the bottom of this page for the full selection. To choose your own, be sure to enter the corosponding number into the text box below, or else we'll choose one for you.
At Traditions Leathercraft we handcraft each item and build them to last a lifetime. We select quality latigo or oiltan cowhides, or other top quality leather to build our sturdy quivers with. Colors will vary slightly as brown tones change from time to time depending on what we have on hand.
This latigo side stalking quiver combines the beauty of a traditional leather back quiver with the ease and convenience of a side quiver. This style quiver eliminates the motion of removing an arrow from a back quiver from behind the shoulder and over the head and puts the opening of the quiver by the users hand at rest by their hip. A lot of our customers have commented that they like this quiver because it allows for not only broadheads to be carried but Judo points or small game heads can also be used in it at the same time.

To prevent the arrows from rattling while stalking the woods most folks will carry this quiver next to their body under their elbow with their strong hand holding the bottom of the quiver next to themselves. To go under brush or a fence the quiver can be pulled around to in front and held against the torso. When stalking through heavy brush a simple pull of the shoulder strap moves the quiver into the small of the back making it possible to stalk through without the quiver or arrows from getting caught on limbs or branches.

I build these with 9-10 oz California latigo. The shoulder strap is 60" long and comes with a fullgrain cowhide lining on the inside of the strap with the suede side out to prevent the color or oils in the latigo from bleeding onto clothing. There is 10-12" of adjustments at the end of the shoulder strap and also 6" of adjustments on the right and left side of the quiver itself.

This hunting quiver can be converted from a right side carry to a left side very simply by moving the shoulder strap. Each quiver is built with a removable wooden bottom and comes with 2" thick open cell foam to make it safe to carry broadheads. The wooden bottom stays in the quiver but allows the user to tap it out to assist with changing the foam when/if necessary. Instructions are included.
The Ultimate Rover hip quiver is the first of its kind to carry 3-6 field tips in the roomy pocket/sleeve plus it also has three magnetic disc and a Selway arrow gripper mounted on the front of the quiver that will allow the user to securely carry Judo points or small game heads with them! This is truly the ultimate hip quiver to take out for an afternoon of roving the woods or stump shooting with friends and family or to carry on the 3-D range.

Handcrafted using 9-10 oz California latigo leather. Each Ultimate Rover hip quiver can be mounted on the left or right side of the belt and even has 3 positions to adjust the angle of the quiver. Choose either a rich brown or classic black latigo. Each quiver is embossed with our Ultimate Rover logo on the front.
The 2-Lite strap on bow quiver is handcrafted here at Traditions Leathercraft in Yukon, OK. We make these from 9-10 oz California latigo. Choose from a rich classic brown, tan or black. We hand punch and stitch each quiver using artificial sinew.

Each quiver is made to carry two blade broadheads or field tips. It will accommodate broadheads that do not exceed 1.75 inches wide at the base. The Selway arrow gripper is held on with strong rubber straps from Great Northern Quiver Co. making this a great option for both longbows and recurves without having to drill into the wood. There is a crepe rubber sole pad included for both the upper leather hood and the lower gripper halves making it 100% secure and quite on the bows limbs!

When weight is important this is the quiver for you. The whole quiver comes in at just over 6 oz. This can be used on right or left hand bows and is easy to install or remove from a bow in the event you want to use it on more than one bow.

I currently offer embossing with an elk head or no embossing. Be sure to choose which option suits you best. This quiver can be personalized with initials instead of the elk head. To discuss this option just send me a message and we'll get it worked out to make you the perfect bow quiver!
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The Latigo Side Stalking Quiver can also be outfitted with a pocket.

Please see the Concho Selection at the bottom of this page to make your  selection and enter the corosponding number in the text box below.
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This new innovative strap on bow quiver is our latest quiver which carries 3 wood or carbon arrows on your longbow or recurve. This is our new line of 3 arrow bow quivers we are producing which we are calling our Okie-Bow quiver.

The Okie-Bow Quiver system includes options for:

  • 3 - 2 blade boadheads or fieldtips.
  • 2 - 2 blade boadheads or fieldtips plus one Judo or small game head
  • 3 small game head making it the perfect choice for stumping or hunting small game

Made in our shop in Yukon, OK, we use the best components the industry offers. Utilizing our unique D-Bar bracket as well as Great Northern Quiver Co. rubber straps and Selway Archery grippers this unique strap on bow quiver is the lightest of its kind available!

Our 2-2 blade and 3 small game head quivers offer a unique magnetic disc which securely holds the small game head built into these awesome, compact quivers.

When strapped to the top and lower limb of your bow it virtually eliminates hand shock and even dampens the vibration of the limbs when shot. Our unique mounting system produces a rock solid attachment to your bows limb.

Each broadhead quiver is made up of compartments with heavy 9-10 oz latgio leather and have a sewn in welt between each layer to protect the stitching from the broadheads' cutting edge. Each broadhead quiver is double stitched with a decorative cross pattern using natural colored waxed artificial sinew. The edges of each quiver are beveled and hand-rubbed to give it a professional finish.

Please click on the pictures below to learn more and purchase on of these quivers!
The Ultimate Roving Pocket Quiver is hand made with quality, durable 9-10 ounce latigo leather in the USA.

The large pocket of the Ultimate Roving Pocket Quiver can easily carry six arrows with field tips; and the three arrow gripper is set up to hold small game or Judo Points, which makes this the ultimate pocket quiver!

The face of this leather pocket quiver features a stamp of the 3Rivers archers, a three-arrow gripper, and a leather block at the bottom, which includes three magnetic discs that will hold your small game or Judo points securely.

The color is added to the latigo during the tanning process and will range from a reddish brown to a dark brown. Each quiver is hand dyed and the edges are burnished for a beautiful finished look and feel.
We call this single arrow quiver the "Ultra Lite" Bow Quiver. Built with the toughest industry components available the Ultra Lite Single Arrow Bow Quiver is designed for the bowhunter who wants to travel light and always have that one arrow at the ready.

Handmade from the finest 9-10 ounce latigo leather with a burnished edge for a quality custom look. Holds a single arrow with a two-blade broadhead up to 3" long x 1-7/8" wide. A leather welt is sewn into the pocket to protect the stitching from the broadhead's cutting edge.

The Ultra Lite Single Arrow Bow Quiver features rubber straps and an innovative D-bracket system which ensures a rock solid attachment to your longbow or recurve bow. Weighs approximately 2.4 ounces for a minimal impact on your bow. Fits both right and left handed bows.
The Latigo Hip Quiver gives you quality and convenience in one fantastic quiver. Great for roving, shooting at 3-D archery tournaments or shooting in the back yard or range.

This hip arrow quiver has three adjustable angles, plus the innovative mounting bracket makes it adjustable for right or left hand shooters. The arrows are securely held against the quiver with a leather strip. It is worn on a belt (not included, see our archer's leather quiver belt).

The large pocket of the Latigo Hip arrow quiver can easily carry six arrows with field tips. The face of this leather pocket quiver features a stamp of the 3Rivers archers.

It's handmade in the USA using durable, quality 9 to 10 ounce latigo leather. It's tanned twice at the tanners to ensure durability and quality. The classic brown color is added to the latigo during the tanning process and will range from a reddish brown to a dark brown. The edges of each quiver are hand dyed and burnished for a beautiful finished look and feel.
The Hill Style Back Quiver can be made in traditional form using a stiff California Latigo (left), or more contemorary using softer bison leather in brown tones (below). The Hill Style quiver can also be fitted with a pocket. Brown leather tones may vary.
The Latigo Side Stalking quiver can also be fitted with a knife custom made using vintage Nicholson files. Handles will vary on which hard woods are used.
The NEW Flipside quiver can be carried on the right or left hand side and does not require a belt!  With the metal clip this quiver can be worn off the waistband, clipped to a pocket or even be worn off the side of a pair of coveralls.

The Flipside quiver is just over 16" deep and is available in 3 color options.  Choose from solid brown, tan on brown or black on brown.  Brown tones will vary slightly.  Each quiver is handcrafted using 6-7 oz USA tanned cowhide. The mouth of the quiver is reinforced with a second layer of leather to insure it stays open.  The leather we use on these is oiltan.  This leather is flexible and soft yet sturdy and ready for heavy use!
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These are available in either dark brown or classic brown. I use 7-8 oz vegtan on each quiver. The shoulder strap is extra wide over the shoulder for comfort and the entire strap is lined with top grain cowhide suede side out. Each Lonetree back quiver comes with a 3rd point adjustable, and removable, strap.

In the bottom of the quiver I use a 1/4" piece of plywood covered with leather on the bottom and sheep skin wool inside.

The large gear pocket measures 4.5" wide by 7" deep. I use a 3" wide gusset to make it easier to reach down into the pocket to retrieve items.

The body of the quiver is 20" deep. The vegtan leather I use comes from the tannery with a broke-in feel to it already making this quiver very comfortable and quite in the field as it will bend slightly in the middle of the quiver.

The quiver below is the classic brown. This one is also a left hand quiver.